Residential Roofing in Big CanoeLooking for Residential Roofing Contractors in Big Canoe? Look No Further!

The roof on top of your home in Big Canoe is a marvel of modern architecture. Day in and day out, it withstands some of the toughest stuff Mother Nature can throw at it—fierce winds, hail, strong sunshine, flying debris—and stands there without asking much on your part. But as durable and tough as it is, it wasn’t built to last forever. If your roof is past its best-before date, maybe it’s time to partner with one of Georgia’s most accomplished local roofing companies: Georgia Roofmasters.

Among residential roofing contractors working in and around Big Canoe, only Georgia Roofmasters has the experience and skills you need to build a rooftop that is truly second-to-none. With over five years in the roofing construction and repair industry, a team full of professional and helpful roofers, and new drone-assisted roofing audits, we keep your roof standing tall and your roofing costs low.

Roofing Types to Choose From for Your Big Canoe Home

Gone are the days when Big Canoe residents had only a single choice of material—asphalt shingle—to construct a new roof with. Georgia Roofmasters has experience with all types of roofing designs and materials. The roofing costs for each type of project vary depending on the size of your home and the materials chosen, but feel free to use this as a rough rule-of-thumb when deciding which roofing material to use!

Composite and Asphalt Shingles

The options for homeowners looking for composite or asphalt shingles are greater than ever before. Choose from over 50 stunning shades from some of the nation’s leading shingle manufacturers, with varying degrees of flexibility and durability. Select architectural or three-panel models for a roofing design that helps your home stands out and boosts curb appeal. And take advantage of longer lifespans that make asphalt shingles one of the best and most affordable options for homeowners looking to lower roofing costs, even today.

Metal Roof Materials

Sick of replacing or repairing your traditional roof? Homeowners who are unafraid to pay for the highest-quality materials should choose a metal roof for their next roof installation. From seamless steel strips to truly deluxe materials such as copper and zinc, Georgia Roofmasters is an experienced residential roofing contractor with the know-how to install metal roofs that will last generation.

Metal roofs are unbelievably elegant and sophisticated. Best of all, the metal roof you build with Georgia Roofmasters will be the last roof you ever need to replace—guaranteed!

Materials for Flat Roofings

Multi-family residences or bungalows with the right drainage systems can benefit from the flexibility and economy of flat PVC membrane or roll roofing solutions. Save money on your utility bills with superior heat transfer qualities too!

How Do I Get in Touch With the Best of the Local Roofing Companies Here in Big Canoe?

This part is easy. Pick up your phone and give us a call. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate to get the ball rolling on your big roof replacement or repair project.